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  Products  Scaffold system Fix 120
With a system width of 1.20 m and an approved platform load of 450 kg/m2 (scaffold class 5), the Mueba frame is unparalleled on the market. Many users have come to appreciate the practical benefits of the system. Whether as a mason’s, facade, or safety scaffold, you always have the right scaffold system at hand with the Mueba frame scaffold. Easy scaffolding of your building sites is ensured by sophisticated accessories.

That means:
- larger passage width
- more place for material supply
- remains the free passage width by at least 0.20 m
- receive during material storage on the lining surface (stone package: Length 1.20 m x broad 0.80 m) whether as bricklayers -,fronts -, protection -, catch or covering to permit wintertime construction scaffold; with the Mueba scaffold system FIX 120 you have always a good and handy framework scaffold system. Safety-relevant construction in mass production, ensures you a safe and economical investment into the future.

Box Pallets
Consoles for Fix 120
Diagonals FIX 120
Floor panels FIX 120
For attachment
Railings, side protection FIX 120
Scaffold accessories FIX 120
Scaffold pallet Fix 120
Screw jacks
Stairway for Fix 70 and Fix 120
Vertical frames FIX 120

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