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  Products  Scaffold system Fix 70
A scaffold that is optimally and economically adapted to your building site requirements. Only a few basic elements are required for erection. Plug connections guarantee easy and fast assembly. Accessories facilitate the scaffolding of more complex buildings. The Mueba frame scaffold Fix 70
complies with scaffold class 3 and has a load bearing capacity of 200 kg/m2.
For the erection of the FIX 70 scaffold system only few basic elements are needed:
- neither clutches nor special tools are necessary for the setting up
- simple patch cords ensure a fast assembly
- are galvanized and therefore against corrosion protected all stealing hurry
- the felling trees hurry impregnated and thus against insect attack and rot protected
- easy stackableness of the scaffolds offers advantages with transport and storage
- all scaffold parts are conceived in safety-relevant requirements.

Box Pallets
Consoles for FIX 70
Decks, panels FIX 70
Diagonals FIX 70
For attachment
Railings, side protection FIX 70
Scaffold accessories FIX 70
Scaffold pallet Fix 70
Screw jacks
Stairway for Fix 70 and Fix 120
Vertical frame FIX 70

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